A New Season for the Rodriguez's

After serving on Young Life staff for the past three years, Luis and I have decided this summer is the time for me to step away from staff and pursue the next calling in my life. Through many prayers and conversations with mentors and staff, it has been affirmed that raising Nora and managing our household is a desire the Lord is allowing me to pursue wholeheartedly in this next season.

I never expected to come on staff with Young Life when I first started volunteering five years ago, but it was exactly what the Lord had in mind for me at the time. From the staff transition that happened in year one to knowing over 200 kids and constantly meeting new ones in year two, we have witnessed that God is on the move through WyldLife and Young Life at Greenhill.

Before my third year began, Luis and I welcomed our first daughter, Nora, into the world. I felt confident to continue working after having her and to finish out my three-year commitment. It was during this year that I realized just how challenging it would be to balance staff and motherhood, though I loved both. This season has caused me to lean on grace and experience it in a way I’ve never had to before. I’ve seen the depth of Jesus’ grace when I felt like I couldn’t measure up or that I wasn’t doing enough. His grace has allowed me to freely do the best I can. It has been a reminder that Christ’s love is simply for me, not for Courtney “the staffer” or Courtney “the mom,” but simply – for Courtney. This year of ministry has been a lesson of self-care and the continual strengthening of faith.

We have decided that June will be my last month on staff, and then I will be staying home, full-time, with Nora. It has been a bittersweet decision to make. These last 3 months of the Spring semester have been so fun, and we’ve gained so much momentum with kids. But I am truly excited to think about what the Lord is going to do next in the Greenhill community. Luis and I will continue to volunteer with Young Life, walking alongside our high school friends and pointing them to Jesus.

During my final month on staff, I will be working at a Young Life camp property called Sharp Top Cove in Jasper, Georgia. Young Life camps across the country serve as a time and place that is sacred, where many kids begin a relationship with Christ with the help of their leaders. I am excited to spend some of my last days on staff with this ministry witnessing the life change that I have also seen in the past three years serving at Greenhill. Isaiah 55 promises us that the Word of the Lord does not return void. I am confident that the Word of the Lord will continue to move and grow in these hearts. I have hope that the best days are to come and that the Holy Spirit is on a move in the middle school and high school halls of Greenhill.

I want to thank each of you for your constant support and prayers over the past three years. I am grateful for your generosity, encouragement, and the many ways you have directly been a part of impacting kids’ lives with the Gospel. I am grateful for your investment in me and my family as we have learned to depend on the Lord more fully. It has been an incredible privilege and honor to serve as the Young Life and WyldLife coordinator for the Greenhill community these past three years. You have made that possible for me, and I am forever grateful for you! I have no doubt the best years of ministry are ahead of us and pray the Lord continues moving in mighty ways on Greenhill’s campus and through the community. 

As we step into this next season filled with unknowns, I ask for your prayers:

·      For someone to take my place as a staff person and ministry coordinator.

·      For the Greenhill YL community to grow wide and deep.

·      For Greenhill teachers and staff to be supported and involved on campus.

·      For my family and me as I transition back to volunteering and into being a full-time mom.

Thank you for caring for me as I transition into a new season.

In Christ,


Pictures above - Nora came to freshmen girls Bible study every Thursday morning; My first time to take girls to WyldLife camp; Some of my 8th grade girls enjoying club at camp; WyldLife crud wars this spring; Young Life paint war last spring; Young Life girls at club on a Sunday night; Our family.