A Shirt to Share the Gospel

There is something special about walking up and down the hallways of a high school and seeing kids wear a special Young Life t-shirt they helped create. At the start of each school year, kids who are excited for their friends to hear about the Gospel of Christ, flood their leaders’ living rooms to come up with a new and exciting design for the annual Young Life t-shirt. At W.T. White High School, our kids love t-shirts. Often the buzz for a new design is enough to get new kids to Young Life Club on Monday night. Sometimes it can even convince a kid to come to camp

A few weeks ago, North Dallas Public Schools organized a College Road Trip to all public school kids in North Dallas. Julio didn't want to go on the trip initially, but we pulled him in with the prospect of a new t-shirt.

"Is it long sleeve?!" 


"Oh! So Awesome! I'm so there!"

Julio came with us as we traveled down to Baylor and the University of Texas, and he sat incredibly still while listening to our Associate Area Director, Clark, proclaim the Gospel during club. I’ve seen first-hand God use seemingly insignificant details for His very significant will. I believe God used a simple t-shirt to help Julio hear how Jesus Christ loves him enough to die for him.

Julio loved our camp-like Road Trip. He loves his Young Life, navy blue, Gildan long-sleeve road trip t-shirt. His enthusiasm and understanding of God’s love for him is evident every Monday night at Club. These t-shirts are a gift for our public school kids.  They put in so much effort and enthusiasm to design a shirt in hopes that their friends will ask about it and come to Young Life.  It’s a small gift that makes a huge impact in the lives of kids, not because they get a free t-shirt but because it opens doors for kids to hear the good news of Jesus and start a relationship with Him. You can support Young Life in North Dallas by helping to provide for the cost of t-shirts - a gift that keeps on giving! Kids wear them everywhere they go. Imagine the joy you’ll feel if you happen on one of our kids wearing one. It is one more reminder that North Dallas kids are hearing about the saving grace of Jesus at Young Life club on Monday nights at 7:27 pm. 

W.T. White Young Life in their new shirts at club. 

W.T. White Young Life in their new shirts at club. 

The Cost of Club

With a bad case of the Monday blues and the prospect of four long days to complete the week, most kids cannot wait to get to Young Life club on Monday night. Club is a safe place where Young Life leaders and High School kids sing at the top of their lungs, play silly games and laugh together until it hurts. At the end of each club, a volunteer leader proclaims the Gospel in a way kids relate to.

Our favorite club at W.T. White Young Life this semester was the night we talked about the cross. Specifically, we shared how Jesus Christ volunteered to take our sin on the cross and die because of His great love for us. After, kids got to write down the things in their life that they felt separated them from Jesus and were given the opportunity to nail their 'sins' to a cross built by some friends of Young Life. That night our friends experienced taking their sin to the cross and found freedom in Christ. It was a beautiful thing to be a part of. 

Young Life club is so much fun for everyone involved but takes a lot of planning and resources. Often, teams spend the whole week gathering supplies, practicing skits and studying the Word of God to prepare for the weekly club talk. In North Dallas, we can always use prayer but would ask you to consider giving to help with the cost of Young Life club.

We have an amazing core of leaders that span almost ten different programs. Each ministry is different and requires different materials to set up. Whether it is costumes for a skit, supplies for a game or a handmade wooden cross, these materials have a cost. All of these items add value to club and the experience kids have to hear the good news of Jesus.