Captivated by Jesus

Every Thursday, girls from Ursuline Academy muster up the energy to get out of bed early and gather for Young Life Campaigners, a small-group Bible study. In the beginning, I was convinced these fifteen girls just started coming for the pancakes at the Original Pancake House. However, over the past four months, they have decided that our time together is worth waking up early even if there aren’t pancakes involved. We now meet on living room floors to talk about real life and how Jesus fits into it. 

Ursuline Young Life staffer Brooke, far left, with her Campaigners girls at club. 

Ursuline Young Life staffer Brooke, far left, with her Campaigners girls at club. 

Each week the girls and I walk through a few verses in the Bible, and I challenge them to read throughout the week to be prepared for that conversation. In October, we were journeying through the book of Mark together when my friend, Sarah*, showed up. I knew she had been following along with the daily readings, and I was excited to hear what she thought about the stories we had read. When we sat down to chat, Sarah excitedly blurted out that she had read the entire book of Mark. We all laughed together, thinking Sarah had simply made a mistake. Instead, what she said next took my breath away: 

 “I always felt like I knew a lot about Jesus, but I realized while reading this week, that I didn’t really know Jesus. I just couldn’t stop reading after I realized who Jesus really was. I have never really read my Bible outside of church or theology class. Now, I feel like I can’t put it down. Like…this guy is someone actually worth following.”

It was the look on Sarah's face that convinced me Jesus had really been moving in her heart. She was truly captivated by “this guy” we had been reading about. It is stories like this that make early morning Campaigners so worthwhile. We sit on living room floors, munch on some breakfast food, and learn more about who Jesus really isThese mornings are made possible by the incredible generosity of people like you who host us, purchase food for us, and create environments for Jesus to be known. 

*Name changed for confidentiality.