All about the one

Our best way to meet new pregnant and parenting girls is through on-campus activities at school.  This school year, we have the incredible opportunity to teach a parenting class once a month at both WT White and Thomas Jefferson High School.  This time gives our leaders the opportunity to begin building relationships with the girls and we are able to provide them with meaningful conversation and information about being a mother.

At our first lunch at WT White, one girl stood out to me.  She was barely through her first trimester, but was super engaged in the discussion.  Our first lesson was on having hopes and dreams for your child and helping them achieve them.  She had a lot of dreams already for the little life growing inside of her.  She shared that she wanted this baby to have a better life than she had. 

As I walked out of the room, a school employee shared her thoughts on that particularly troubled girl.  I would have never guessed how rough her past was from her participation in our parenting class.  It was actually her second day at school after being at a juvenile detention center.  I've heard a lot of painful stories from girls involved in YoungLives, but this girl's past and present are particularly painful. 

At the first campaigners meeting, she shared that the best thing in her life right now is the way her leader texts her and encourages her.  She said she is looking forward to camp with that leader this summer. 

There is so much going "wrong" in her life right now.  While I'm so thankful that we've been able to bring YoungLives to all the girls at WT White, in some ways it feels like we were supposed to bring it this year just for this one girl.  When everything else in her life points to pain and brokenness, her leader is being able to communicate something different. 

She is just a few weeks away from her due date and we are thankful for the opportunity to cheer her on as she becomes a mother.  We believe the dreams she shared for her child in that first meaning are attainable.  We know that God has a purpose and a plan for this beautiful teenager and that beautiful baby growing inside her.