The Gift of a Week at Camp

Our team believes that YoungLives camp offers one of the best proclamations of the Gospel available to teenagers.  For this reason, we work HARD to get girls to camp. 

One of our girls, Denice, originally told us she was going to be unable to attend camp because she would not be able to get time off work.  She worked at Lark on the Park near Klyde Warren Park.  Via some internet research, we were able to find contact information for the head chef at the restaurant and the General Manager.  We told both of them about the situation and why we desired for Denice to join us at camp.  Denice had been told no by her direct supervisor, which is totally understandable.  We asked these men for a generous and gracious gift to a low-level employee.

The head chef was particularly sympathetic to the situation and had been unaware that Denice was also a mother.  As he heard about the opportunity, he promised to do whatever it took to let Denice get to camp.  Two days later, he was able to tell her to take the week off.  After he told her he texted me saying, "I wish you could have seen the way her face just lit up."  Denice could not believe that the head chef had heard about this opportunity for her and that he cared enough to make it possible for her and her daughter. 

We are so thankful for the generosity of the staff at this restaurant and their level of care for one of our girls (Next time you go there, please let them know you are a fan of YoungLives.)  Denice is one of our girls who primarily communicates in Spanish.  We brought her to camp knowing that everything at camp communicates the Gospel, even if she is unable to understand parts of the verbal proclamation. 

One of the most beautiful parts about camp this year was holding cabin time in both English and Spanish.  Two of our girls prefered to communicate in Spanish and understand minimal English.  Half of our cabin could speak both English and Spanish.  One of our leaders could speak Spanish.  The girls translated questions and answers into both languages so that everyone was able to participate.  Truly, nothing will separate us from the love of Christ.

A few of our girls accepted Christ for the first time at camp and all of our girls left interested in learning more.  With their difficult pasts, it is difficult to reconcile a God who is good with what they have experienced.  We respect their decision to learn more and are eager to spend more time with them studying the bible in campaigners and in one-on-one time with a leader.  Our girls were blown away by the way they were loved and served at camp.  Thank you for helping to make this week possible for our girls.