Growing deep roots

Last month, we came home from camp after a great week with twelve of our Thomas Jefferson teen moms.  Eight of them made decisions to accept Christ for the first time while at camp.  The remaining four had accepted Christ prior to that week.  For all of our campers, the week together encouraged them to pursue a relationship with Jesus.

However, as they returned home, the girls were thrown into different difficult situations.  For some of them, their families have very different beliefs when it comes to faith.  For others, they have relationships that beat them down.  Most of them struggle with how they will provide for their children, who will help them with their children and how to have a healthy relationship with their parents.  Their realities at home challenge their new-found faith. 

While thinking about our girls this summer, my thoughts have often turned to Jesus's parable of the sower in Matthew 13.  Some seeds are snatched by birds before they can sprout.  Some seeds are on rocky ground and do not have the opportunity to grow roots.  Some seeds are choked by the thorns.  Some of our girls face family members who challenge their faith.  Some face situations that make them doubt God loves them or cares about their provision.   Some will face a harder situation than they have ever faced before which will feel like an attack against them.  However, we are praying that the faith of these girls will be like seed planted on the good soil.  During the course of this summer, we want them to develop roots that are deep and strong.  We want them to receive all the nourishment they can from the Lord so that in the coming days, months and years they will bear fruit.

In order to accomplish that goal, we are focused on spending time with the girls this summer.  Our leaders are hanging out with their girls one-on-one.  We are organizing play groups at different places to give leaders, teen moms and lots of children time to spend together.  We are meeting every other week for campaigners where we are diving into scripture together.

Will you join us in praying that our girls will grow deep roots of faith?  May this generation and the next bear much fruit.