Why Wyldlife?

After the final bell dismisses class Thursday afternoon, kids from Cary Middle School bring an empty youth room to life with energy, curiosity and excitement. Various personalities fill the room: from the shy 6th-grade boy hiding behind his phone, to the bubbly 7th-grade girl who greets everyone in sight. Though they look different, all are on a similar quest. They all are seeking answers to the questions: Who am I? Why do I matter? Where do I belong?

Finding answers to these questions can get complicated. Somewhere between finding a date to the Valentine’s dance and studying for an English test Friday, life happens. Home isn’t always a safe place to retreat to. For some, family struggles cloud every area of life. That was the case for Lindsey.* In middle school, challenges at home forced her to change schools, find new friends, and confront grown-up issues. In the midst of a messy situation, she felt alone. Lindsey wondered why the world seemed like such a dark place and if her life had purpose.

Last Thursday, Lindsey shared her story with a room full of middle school students. “How did you get over all that?” one girl asked. Her reply was simple: placing my hope and faith in Jesus.

It was at Young Life, where she found answers to the questions that consumed her thoughts. Her Young Life leaders were the one’s who walked alongside her and modeled what it looked like to press into God during difficult times. They became stable role models in her life who she admired and trusted. It is because of the impact they had on her life that Lindsey now volunteers with Wyldlife.

What makes her story unique is that Lindsey is still a High School kid. On Monday’s she attends one of The North Dallas Young Life clubs, and she also is a leader for Cary Middle School kids through Wyldlife. Lindsey is one of five high school leaders who joined the Cary team this school year.

Young Life leaders beautifully display the overflow of God’s love. He is doing big things in our community, and we are blessed to be part of it. With His direction, we will tirelessly pursue every kid in North Dallas so that they too might know the One who can feed their souls with hope and life. 

*Name was changed to respect their privacy