Daily Discipleship Grows Relationships

This is one of our volunteers, Cara, and her Young Life girl, Emily. Cara and Emily's bond seems hand crafted by God. Cara went to a football game to spend time with her high school friends when she met Emily. Our leaders spend countless hours sitting in bleachers, stands, and auditoriums cheering on kids. It was at this particular football game where God introduced Emily to her Young Life leader.

Cara encouraged Emily to come to Young Life club and she did. Eventually, Emily heard a leader talk about sin. She heard about the brokenness that is in all of us that forever separates us from God. She heard about how her sin is something she cannot fix on her own and how she needed some help. Unfortunately, life got in the way, and Emily missed the next club where the Good News of the cross was shared. She missed hearing that the answer to our sin problem was Jesus, taking our punishment by laying down His life. However, God had a plan for Emily. Cara had grown close in her relationship with Emily and was now taking her to school in the mornings. One beautiful day, Cara shared with Emily the story of the cross and how loved and cherished she is by God. Emily heard that God sent His Son to die just for her. This is the day Emily prayed to accept Christ as her Savior on the commute to school.

Ever since that day, Emily has been eager to grow and learn more about her God, and Cara has walked with her every step of the way. They meet on a weekly basis over coffee or a quick meal to study scripture together. It's the generous donations of fellow believers who help allow these meetings to happen. Praise God for faithful volunteers spending time on a weekly basis meeting kids where they are, opening the Word, and sharing the best news ever told! Praise God for using early morning conversations in the passenger seat to call kids home